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Training Calendar

Please note that a continued failure to attend training sessions without prior notification may result in the following: 

  1. Loss of access to session materials or resources
  2. Exclusion from future training sessions
  3. Impact your eligibility for continuing education hours

We value your commitment to the OCAM Network and appreciate your cooperation in ensuring the effectiveness of our training sessions.

Volunteer Management Strategies

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Description: Are you a coalition leader whose coalition is struggling to accomplish goals? Do you lead volunteers in a community prevention program but have no idea how to retain them? Are you a volunteer manager who hears a lot of frustration from recruited volunteers? In this workshop, participant...

APR, 2024

Description: This training session will go over Community Organization and how to engage Community Stakeholders to share our Prevention Message. Participants will be able to understand the need to engage with community stakeholders, identify who your community stakeholders are, as well as increase n...

APR, 2024

Description: The structure and facilitation of a coalition meeting is the backbone of a strong coalition. Yet, this is a skillset many individuals are never professionally trained in. This session will focus on the major components of a coalition meeting, identifying and appropriately responding to ...

MAY, 2024
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