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Course Catalog

Trainings OCAM Offers

Trainings OCAM offers by domain:

P1: Planning & Evaluation 

  • Strategic Prevention Framework for Beginners
  • How Does my Agency Become Certified in Prevention? Defining the Ohio Agency Prevention Certification Process
  • Action Planning for Prevention
  • Prevention Program Planning: How Logic Models Can Help!
  • Creating Learning Objectives

P2: Prevention Education & Service Delivery  

  • The Importance of Youth-Led Prevention 
  • Prevention in Preschool Populations
  • Prevention in Unique Populations 
  • Creating Community Change
  • An Introduction to the Brain’s Addiction Pathway 
  • Creating Community Change using BOTH the CSAP Strategies & the 7 Strategies for Community Change 
  • Evidence-Based Prevention Strategies 
  • Classroom Management for Prevention Specialists

P3: Communications 

  • Media Literacy: How Advertising can Affect Drug use Trends  
  • The Impact of Alcohol Advertising
  • Getting your Message Out: How to Utilize Media to Raise Awareness
  • Designing an Effective Communications Plan 
  • Creating a Marketing Approach that Works for Your Coalition

P4: Community Organization 

  • How to Engage the Faith Based Community 
  • Prevention Professionals Role in Addressing Community Trauma: Understanding the THRIVE Model 
  • Strengths-Based Leadership: Utilizing Your Natural Talents to Maximize Your Prevention Leadership Potential 
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Volunteer Management Strategies
  • Organizing Effective Meetings

P5: Public Policy & Environmental Change  

  • Policy & Prevention at both the Local & State Levels  
  • Policies & Environmental Strategies for Adult Alcohol Use
  • Environmental Strategies
  • Creating Drug Free School Policies
  • Advocating for Policy Change 

P6: Professional Growth & Responsibility  

  • Where Do We Go From Here? Career Mapping for Prevention Professionals
  • Prevention Science 
  • Integrating Trauma-Informed Approaches to Prevention Services
  • Can I Do This or That? Understanding the Prevention Professional's Scope of Practice
  • Prevention 102: Getting it Right – Effective Prevention for Your Community
  • Is Your Community Ready? Preparing & Interviewing with the Tri-Ethnic Community Readiness Assessment 
  • Prevention Credentialing- History of Prevention 


  • Prevention Ethics Basics 
  • Ethics for Prevention Professionals
  • Advanced Prevention Ethics
  • 6 hr Ethics for Prevention Professionals 

Cultural Competency:  

  • Cultural Competency for Prevention Professionals 
  • Cultural Competency 101
  • Equity in Action: Moving from Talk to Practice 
  • Appalachian Culture

Series that cover multiple domains:  

  • PES (Prevention Education Series)  
  • SAPST (Substance Abuse Prevention Skills Training)
  • SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment)
  • Core Competencies
  • Human Resources Management Series for Prevention Professionals
  • Fiscal Management Series for Prevention Professionals 
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