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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find domain specific trainings? 

If you visit the OCAM Network’s Training Calendar here: you can click on the “Categories” button and search training sessions by domain.


When will I get my certificate of attendance? 

The Ohio Coaching & Mentoring Network’s policy is that you will receive your certificate of attendance within 30 days of when you took the training


Who can be my supervisor? 

Any of the following can be a supervisor for an RA or OCPSA:

  • OCPS or OCPC
  • MD or DO (authorized to practice medicine and surgery or osteopathic medicine)
  • Licensed Psychologist
  • RN or CNP
  • LPCC, LISW or LSW (professional clinical counselor, independent social worker, a social worker)
  • School Counselor licensed by the department of education
  • CHES (certified health education specialist)

Any of the following can be a supervisor for an OCPS: 

  • OCPC
  •  RN
  • LISW
  • CHES (certified health education specialist)

An OCPC does not need supervision.


When should I apply for my RA?

You should apply for your RA once you have determined that you are providing prevention services, you have established a prevention supervisor, and you have completed your professional development plan.


Can I count hours from college?

Yes! As long as they fall within the domains. One semester hour= 15 Clock Hours.


Can an OCAM Coach sign off on my experience hours/ Can an OCAM Coach be my supervisor? 

An OCAM Coach can sign off on your hours if they have an already existing relationship with you or you contract with them outside of their OCAM capacity.


What is the difference between prevention education and prevention related experience?

Prevention Education are the classes or training sessions you have taken or will take in order to learn about specific prevention topics. Your prevention related experience may be volunteer hours, an internship, or work experience where you are applying those skills you have learned. 


Can an OCAM coach train my organization?

Absolutely! Please reach out and let us know what you are looking for!


I cannot make a training on the OCAM calendar, will it be provided again?

Most likely yes! The OCAM Network continuously adds additional trainings to our Training Calendar and values your feedback. If you do not see a training you are looking for on the calendar please reach out to Ryley Jones at


Do I have to take multiple tests? 

Just one for your OCPS!

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