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What is Supervision?  

To practice prevention as an RA, OCPSA, or OCPS you must be supervised. You can find a list of who can supervise you by scrolling down. The best practice of supervision would include face-to- face meetings with your supervisor at least once a month. Your supervisor should help answer any questions you may have, help create a professional development plan, and be able to comment on your professional performance.  

Who Can Supervise Who?  

For Registered Applicants and Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistants: 

  • Must be supervised by one of the following: OCPS, OCPC, CHES, MD, OD, RN, nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, licensed psychologist, professional clinical counselor, professional counselor, LISW, SW, licensed school counselor 

For Ohio Certified Prevention Specialists:  

  • Must be supervised by one of the following: OCPC, CHES, RN, nurse practitioner, LISW 

Ohio Certified Prevention Consultants: 

A prevention consultant may practice as an independent, meaning they do not need supervision. 

An Ohio Certified Prevention Consultant may supervise the following:  

  • Prevention program volunteers
  • Registered Applicants
  • OCPS

Proposed Prevention Supervision Requirements

What Does Supervision of Prevention Mean?

Prevention Credentialing

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