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SOGIE #3: LGBTQ+ Elders: Reelin’ In the Years

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SOGIE #3: LGBTQ+ Elders: Reelin’ In the Years

Event Summary

Apr 24, 2024
9:00 am - 12:00 pm


SOGIE SERIES #3: LGBTQ+ Elders-Reelin' in the Years

What does it mean to be an older LGBTQ+ person in 2024? How might decades of lived experience impact and influence their expectations of family, community, and those who provide supports? LGBTQ+ elders have survived heinous perceptions regarding the content of their character, devastating health crises that impacted the nation, and sweeping cultural change that in every decade evokes stories about the good, the bad, and the ugly of being Q+ identified.

This professional development opportunity will offer contemporary scholarship, national data, and credible resources as well as tips and techniques for understanding and supporting LGBTQ+ youth and families. Participants will hear from experienced educators who provide direct prevention services in the community and teach in various types of learning spaces. Participants are encouraged to evolve the conversation, bring comments, questions, and concerns so that we can fully explore the benefits of purposeful inclusion for Q+ youth and families.

CEUS: Prevention, CHES

Hours: 3

Domains: Cultural Competency

Learning Objectives:

  1. I recognize at least 3 influences and impacts of being othered that LGBTQ+ elders may experience for decades of their lives.
  2. I can identify 5 concerns that still remain today for LGBTQ+ elders and families.
  3. I can identify 3 approaches that affirm LGBTQ+ elders / families.

Presenter: Richelle Frabotta MSEd, CSE, CSES

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