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Logic Models: Laying the Groundwork for Community Level Change

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Logic Models: Laying the Groundwork for Community Level Change

Event Summary

Feb 2, 2024
9:00 am - 12:15 pm

VENUE: OCAM Virtual Training

Description: Coalitions work diligently to create healthier communities and environments for the residents of that community. But how do you do this in an intentional and strategic way that will produce the greatest likelihood of achieving positive outcomes for your community? And, once implemented, how do you know your chosen strategies worked (or not)? A logic model is your answer! A logic model is a graphic illustration and hypothesized description of the relationship between your resources, activities, and their intended effects all based on a theory of change framework. This session will help prevention coalition members and leaders learn how to utilize data to guide their efforts based on the root causes and local conditions present within their chosen community, guided by prevention science, and uniquely tailored to the community’s experience, expectations, and cultural values. Participants will learn how to move from problem analysis to the development of a logic model that is specific, identifiable, and actionable. Most importantly, participants will learn how to create a data-driven and sound logic model that will create a roadmap for ensuring that they achieve the intended outcomes and will create healthier communities.


CEUS: Prevention (OCPS, OCPC, and OCPSA), CHES

Hours: 2

Domains: P4: Community Organization

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the root causes and local conditions in your community.
  2.  Engage in mapping strategy activities. 
  3. Define how to create a data-driven logic model. 

Presenter: Ashley Mack

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