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Who We Are

The Ohio Coaching & Mentoring Network (OCAM) is a statewide initiative providing capacity building and workforce development for prevention professionals. The OCAM Network is a diverse team of experienced and certified Ohio prevention professionals.

Strategic Plan

Our Goals 

  • Enhance the capacity of Ohio’s prevention workforce (Coaching) 
  • Increase the number of Ohio Certified Prevention professionals (Mentoring)

OCAM Coaching 

​Capacity building is an investment in the effectiveness and future sustainability of Ohio’s substance use/misuse prevention efforts. OCAM offers a variety of trainings that provide individuals, organizations, and communities the opportunity to obtain and improve the skills and knowledge needed for effective prevention. A robust, competent, and dedicated prevention workforce contributes to successful prevention in Ohio — impacting more communities, reaching a more diverse and inclusive audience, and creating the best substance use and misuse prevention outcomes. 


  • ​Increase knowledge and develop skills
  • Provide up-to-date, evidence-based substance use/misuse prevention information
  • Advocate & promote equitable access to prevention
  • Maximize the benefits of networking and knowledge exchange
  • Provide resources

OCAM Mentoring 

​OCAM mentoring is led by experienced, certified prevention professionals committed to expanding Ohio’s prevention workforce through partnership building, small group and individual mentoring, and the advancement of the Ohio Certified Prevention credential. By developing partnerships and providing organizational mentoring, OCAM expands the scope and diversity of professionals and individuals trained in effective prevention. OCAM also promotes the importance of prevention credentialing and mentors individuals through the formal process of obtaining a level of Ohio certified prevention credential. 


  • ​Provide mentorship for Ohio Certified Prevention credentialing process 
  • Provide resources to support professional development
  • Assess professional development needs 
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