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June Prevention Science

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June Prevention Science

Event Summary

Jun 11, 2024
1:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Prevention is a science built on research and data. In this workshop, we will discuss the science of prevention and how research on various theories has strengthened strategies. We will learn about how to use science, data, and research to gauge the effectiveness of prevention strategies. Finally, we will understand ineffective prevention and how to use the science to encourage effective prevention strategies, practices, and programs.


CEUs: Prevention, CHES
3 hours
Domains: AOD specific, P6

‚ÄčLearning Objectives:

Session attendees will be able to:

• Participants will be able to describe how prevention is a science
• Participants will understand prevention theories
• Participants will learn how to gauge prevention effectiveness

Presenter (s): Jennifer Benson

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