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Effective Techniques for Reaching Your Prevention Goals!

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Effective Techniques for Reaching Your Prevention Goals!

Venue: OCAM Virtual Training

Event Summary

Dec 6, 2023
9:00 am - 12:15 pm
OCAM Virtual Training

Description: Performance management for prevention agencies looks a little different as employees live and work by certain values and for the greater good, and not being measured on profits. Because of this, Human Resource departments at nonprofit organizations may struggle to run a traditional performance management system. Effective Performance Management techniques will give you the steps you need to design a performance management system for your prevention team. In this session, you will receive real-life examples of how others approach performance management. These examples will guide you when you are designing your own performance management system for the benefits of your prevention programming that will help you meet your organization’s vital mission.

CEUS: Prevention, CHES
Hours: 3
Domains: PS1: Human Resources

Note: This training is intended for individuals who have already received their Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist credential and are looking to obtain their Ohio Certified Prevention Consultant credential. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define performance management in the context of prevention programming.
  2. Articulate the typical performance management cycle.
  3. Identify the 5 universals for performance management.
  4. Apply effective performance management processes in a team environment.

Presenter: Andrea Hoff, MPA, GPC, OCPC, ICPS

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