The Ohio Certified Prevention credentialing process can be complicated and time consuming. The OCAM Network is here to help! Coaches are available to answer specific questions, provide individual assistance, connect you to resources, offer encouragement, or problem solve/troubleshoot — we are excited about every new credentialed Ohioan! OCAM mentoring is available to anyone working to obtain any of the Ohio Certified Prevention Credentials and is of no cost to individual.

Available Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring

Mentoring can include:

  • Explanation of the credentialing process
  • Assistance completing the Register Applicant (RA) Professional Development Plan
  • Input on the required supervision and scope of practice to ensure ethical compliance
  • Step-by-step guidance for both the applicant and supervisor online applications
  • Assistance completing the education grid
  • Review of completed education grid
  • Advice on trainings and education to fill gaps in education grid
Study Groups

For professionals working toward the OCPS or OCPC credential, The Road to an S Study Group provides a study guide and real-time support, and different learning strategies to help prepare for the credentialing examination. Study groups meet for eight (8), ninety-minute (90 minute) sessions. Sessions are held virtually and facilitated by an OCAM Coach. Learning strategies include: discussion, on-line games, digital flashcards and small group activities. Study groups are convened several times a year. An application process is used to determine eligibility.

Requirements to Participate:

  • Registered Applicant (RA) or Ohio Certified Prevention Specialist Assistant (OCPSA)
  • Associate’s degree or higher
  • 2000 hours of prevention related experience

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